Adrian, Andrew, Ciara, David, Dominic, Marcel, Murray

Day 2 of the annual Sydney North Region Canyoning Course and yet another canyon I hadn't done before. Awesome!

The track to Deathtrap Canyon used to be an old logging road but it was now well and truly overgrown so the walk in was not straight forward.

Adrian, David, Marcel, Murray, Scott

Day 1 of of the annual Sydney North Region Canyoning Course. My group had been allocated Closet Canyon, which was great as I'd never done it before and being slightly remote it promised a good bit of off track walking and navigation.

We set off just after 9:30am and followed the well defined track to Rocky Creek, which then petered out to a faint and difficult to follow track along the ridge line. We completely lost the "track" where the ridgeline did a bit of a dogleg and resorted to some good old fashioned bush bashing for a hundred metres or so until we got to the next section of ridgeline which was a bit more open but still required bush bashing.

Adrian, Ben, Ed

An epic canyoning weekend to a few remote and rarely visited canyons in the Bungleboori wilderness.

The very original plan I had in mind was to do the Three Peaks but that was scrapped once Greg and I realised how hot it was going to be - plus Greg had come down with a bad case of ManFlu so we decided to do Wheengee Whungee in the Kanangra region instead.

Aaren, Adrian, Alison, Anton, Ash, Brock, Chris, Ian, Ivan, Ivy, Jake, Martin, Pat, Steve, Tyler

Yet another annual Twister and Rocky Creek Canyon expedition with a cast of thousands!

Yep Thousands! By the time we arrived the car park was chockers - I have never seen so many cars here. We had 15 in our group and then with everyone else there would have been about 50 people all up. 

Adrian, Bec, Greg, Mike

A good canyon for a cold and drizzly day. 

We'd originally intended to do Butterbox Canyon but when we arrived there were two commercial groups and a private party ahead of us and we really didn't feel like waiting at the small abseils, so we decided to bail and head off for Juggler.

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Adrian, Amelia, Anton, Bec, Mike, Pat, Ruby

What a great little canyon! I can't believe that I haven't done this before. It's just perfect for beginners.

With a short walk in and out, some jumps, a nice swim through a constricted canyon and an absolutely stunning view of the Grose Valley at the end this canyon is must do.

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Adrian, Bec, Mark, Mike

A not so secret, secret canyon? 

This seemed like a great canyon to do. It was listed in the "other canyons to do" section of the canyoning guide as a superb canyon and there was stuff all info on the web. Sounded perfect.

As the canyon required a car shuffle we met at 9:00am at the exit so that we could do a car swap and not soon after a convoy of cars turned up to do the same thing! So we got moving so that we could be in the canyon first. As we arrived at the start there were a daunting array of "private property" and "keep out" signs, but we figured that the firetrail was public access as we could see a National Parks sign. Of course not far down the track we had to traverse private property that had "Warning - Electric Fence" signs everywhere, so we quietly snuck through to the start of the Canyon. So perhaps a better entry point would be via Tableland Rd.

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Aaren, Adrian, Anton, Bright, Jason

Yet another beginners trip down Serendipity. Aaron, Bright and Jason hadn't done any canyoning with abseils before, so the Thursday beforehand we spent a couple of hours on some basic abseil instruction.

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Adrian, Nathan, Paul, Patrick, Ross, Rueben

Day 2 of the bi-annual Sydney North Region Canyoning Course and one of my favourite canyons. It's a dry canyon, which means you only get your feet wet - it's a shame that it's not longer. If you want to make a day of it, then you can follow up with Penrose Gully.

Adrian, David, Nathan, Paul, Patrick, Ross, Rueben

This was day 1 of the bi-annual Sydney North Region Canyoning Course - coordinated by Chris Stanley.

On previous courses we've started from the Bell Heavy Vehicle Checking Station and then spread out all over the Bluies to do various Canyons - unfortunately due to the recent October bushfires, our choice was somewhat limited so Chris made a

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