Wollangambe Two Dot Two - 23 Mar 2013

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Adrian, Aiden, Alex, Belinda, Ben, Chloe, Chris, Ian, Ivan, James, Kate, Kim, Lachlan, Liam, Luca, Marcus, Nick & Nick, Patrick, Paul, Rory, Tim, Tom

What a great Day. This is my favourite section of the Wollangambe. Wollangambe 1 seems to be the more popular, but I just like this section better.

Here we all are - about to set off at 10:00am.

To ensure safety, make management easier and meet National Park guidelines for party sizes we split into three Patrols of 7-8 separated by a good distance.

Patrol 1 arrives at the flat rock at the Wollangambe at 11:40am after a leisurely 1 hour 40 minute walk. 

After 25 minutes of blowing up lilos, jumping off rocks into the Wollangambe and eating Sour Worms, we're finally ready to float down the Wollangambe.

Patrol 1 has a relaxing float downstream.

Ben jumping off the Log of Death. It is amazing how high the water rises during flash floods. This log was solidly wedged between the canyon walls about 5 metres up.

We stopped for lunch soon after this at 1:15pm in a couple of nice caves just above the Whungee Wheengee exit. By this stage a few of Scouts were starting to get rather cold, so Patrick fired up the stove and made a heap of hot chocolate to get everyone nice and warm again. It did the trick and the Scouts hit the water with renewed vigor at 2:10pm.

Nick hiding in one the amazing pot holes in the lower section of the Wollangambe about 100m above the exit.

We got to the small exit beach at 3:20pm, and with all three patrols converging at this spot plus three other groups that had been on Whungee Wheengee, it got rather crowded. We started up the exit track at around 4:00pm.

Patrol 1 takes a breather on the walk out.

We finally reached the Cathedral of Ferns carpark at 5:30pm - for a couple of the Scouts, the final walk out up the hill proved to be the tough part, but that was all forgotten by the time we arrived at Kurajong Heights for a well deserved Pizza.

The GoPro Video of the Trip

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