Serendipity Canyon - 11 Jan 2014

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Aaren, Adrian, Anton, Bright, Jason

Yet another beginners trip down Serendipity. Aaron, Bright and Jason hadn't done any canyoning with abseils before, so the Thursday beforehand we spent a couple of hours on some basic abseil instruction.

I was quite interested to do this canyon again as it was only one of three canyons in the Wollangambe area that had been re-opened after the disatrous October Bush Fires - Wollangambe one and Wollangambe two being the two other canyons. 

It was only three months since the bush fires but as we walked down the ridge to Serendipity the new growth bursting out of the trees was stunning to see.

As usual I took the upper entrance to Serendipity so that we could squeeze in one extra abseil. The ropes are setup using a Stein knot (or Stone knot) so that two people can abseil at the same time.

The boys relaxing at the top of the second abseil. There are two different abseil points for the second abseil - the usual one down the slippery slab or a second overhanging abseil from a tree on the right side of the canyon which we chose to use as the first abseil had the usual commercial party congestion.

Anton heading over on the second abseil - check the gallery for more shots of this abseil.

As usual, there is always something new to find in a canyon no matter how many times before you've done it. This time I stumbled across this amazing hole which the creek disappeared into. Awesome!

Aaren heading down the third awkward abseil.

 Bright on the final abseil. Most of the rest of us decided to jump rather abseil.

We got the end of Serendipity at 1:00pm and stopped for lunch with one of the locals. 

The original plan was to float and swim down the Wollangambe and finish up at the Wollangambe 2 exit. Alas, due to the rain the week before ash and other crap had washed off the huge catchment area and unfortunately the Wollangambe was pitch black which made walking difficult as you could not see what you were walking on. I was also concerned that ingesting the water might make us sick and it really didn't look like fun, so we opted out and took the more boring exit back up the ridge.

New growth bursting out of the charred bark.


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