Macquarie Rivulet Lower Section - 3 Jan 2015

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Adrian, Bridie, Craig, Dan, Emma, Jenny, Kate, Mark, Shane, Veronica

This "canyon" is heaps of fun - it's more of an open gully than a canyon featuring waterfalls and slippery creek walking more reminscent of Kanangra than the classic Blue Mountains canyons.

It is rather unique as almost every abseil has an easy beginner or hardman option that generally goes down the middle of a waterfall.

What's more, almost every abseil can be walked around and you could, if you had to, escape back up to the walk in track almost anywhere.

I'd been meaning to do Macquarie Rivulet for a while and so it was good timing when Craig offered me a spot in his Daughter's and friends trip.


The obligatory group shot before heading off down the demanding trail to the start of the canyon.

After a gruelling 45min walk we get to the first intimidating and death defying abseil through the guts of a nice and slippery waterfall.

Of course there's always the easy option.

The next waterfall abseil is voracious, as Craig can attest to as he desperately tried to prevent it from eating his GoPro.

Craig and Bridie on the first fun slide - just aim to the right so you miss the rock on the left.

Mark abseils down yet another waterall abseil as Little Red Riding Hood provides a bottom belay.

Dan and Kate relaxing and watching the fun from the cool little pool at the top of the waterfall.


Craig takes his first tentative steps into the churning maelstrom of waterfallness.

How cool is this? Craig gets absolutely pounded by the waterfall! More action shots of Craig getting pummeled are in the gallery.


And yes, there is an easy option as well. There is also a third easier wet option to the left.

Veronica on the last abseil of the canyon.

Just past the last abseil I spotted the largest spider I've seen - it was as big as my open hand!

Emma takes the plunge but takes time for a bit of Zen.

Synchronised jumping.

One of the locals basking in a nice warm pool of water.

The last section of Macquarie Rivulet is awesome fun. You could easily spend hours here - there are slides, rope swings, jumps and even a sports climb out of a pool replete with artificial climbing holds!

It's a pretty popular spot with only a 20min walk in.

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  • Comment Link Thursday, 29 January 2015 11:47 posted by Shane Miller

    Great photos and log. It was an awesome day.


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