Macquarie Rivulet Lower Section - 25 Jan 2015

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Aaron, Adrian, Amelia, Anton, Brandon, Bright, Josephine, Max, Patrick

Another awesome trip with family and friends trip to Macquarie Rivulet in as many weeks. This time around we did the waterfall only variant for each abseil.

This time we drove in via Bowral as I really hate the Princess Highway - timewise it's much of muchness.

Amelia and Jo prep themselves for the first abseil waterfall abseil.

Max on the first abseil with a cast of thousands from the local guiding company in the background.

A rare photo of Yours Truly sporting a Mohawk courtesy of his Daughter.

Amelia on the second abseil.

Anton heads down the slippery dip.

Anton chills in a lovely little channel in the canyon.

The boys peer down from the awesome pool at the top of the third abseil.

Amelia getting pounded in the exciting fourth abseil.

Jo on the fifth and final abseil.

Brandon executes a front salto.

Anton goes one up and shows Brandon how it's done with a double front.

Max leaps into the awesome pool near the end of the canyon.

Jo unfortunately had a slip and cut her chin, so we didn't spent a lot of time here but you could easily spend a few hours here playing around.

There are heaps more photos in the gallery..

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