Galah Canyon - 12 Feb 2012

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Long Day
Adrian and Anton Kladnig, Adrian and Stephanie Spragg, Chris Walster and Oliver McDonald

This trip started as the result of strange coincidences. When we did Twister and Rocky Creek the weekend before, Ian mentioned that a leader from Sailor's Bay was going to do Wollangambe on the Sunday - which was cancelled due to water levels.

As it turns out, the coincidental part was that the other Adrian sent

out an email on the Monday regarding some of his recent trips, anyway a few emails later and a canyoning trip to Hole in the Wall

was formed which morphed into a trip to Galah Canyon following a report from Fat Canyoners which showed that water levels are pretty good even after heavy rain.

So we left Sydney at 07:00 and after a bit of fluffing around finally set off at 10:20 down the overgrown access road that I remember driving down years ago.

We followed the general directions on Tom Brennan's site and heading down a faint side track that looked like the right one - but alas we dropped in too early, so found a nice gum to abseil off. As it turns out if we only headed a 100m or so further we would've been bang on the money.

The top part of the canyon starts fairly soon and it wasn't long before we arrived at a handline and a bunch of slings wrapped around a tree. Given the slightly higher water levels we decided to abseil. Soon after the canyon opened out and this is where we became somewhat confused as the canyon description didn't quite match what we thought. So we had lunch.

Anyway my brand new Garmin GPS showed that we should be close to the start of the real canyon and before you knew it we were at the first fantastic abseil.

Some of the abseil points are quite interesting!

Thereafter there's a series of fantastic abseils including this one which is featured as the cover shot of Rick Jameson's Canyoning guide.

We got to the end of the canyon at 16:15 and then proceeded to find the way out. When I first did this canyon way back in '97 we took the first available exit which is a gully/chimney - this time round we followed the guide and walked around to the slab. Even though the slab is a fairly easy climb out, it still needs a strong climber - I wouldn't recommend this to parties without good climbing skills.

We eventually found our way back across the creek and started looking for a way out, given that we missed the original way in we simply clambered up the first set of logs we could find.

After three hours we got back to the cars at 20:00 and then headed directly back to Sydney. A long day.

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