Great Uncle George Canyon - 18 Jan 2014

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Adrian, Bec, Mark, Mike

A not so secret, secret canyon? 

This seemed like a great canyon to do. It was listed in the "other canyons to do" section of the canyoning guide as a superb canyon and there was stuff all info on the web. Sounded perfect.

As the canyon required a car shuffle we met at 9:00am at the exit so that we could do a car swap and not soon after a convoy of cars turned up to do the same thing! So we got moving so that we could be in the canyon first. As we arrived at the start there were a daunting array of "private property" and "keep out" signs, but we figured that the firetrail was public access as we could see a National Parks sign. Of course not far down the track we had to traverse private property that had "Warning - Electric Fence" signs everywhere, so we quietly snuck through to the start of the Canyon. So perhaps a better entry point would be via Tableland Rd.

The image of Mark here, had very strong backlighting so in the original undoctored image Mark was almost a silhouette as can be seen here - I really thought that this image was destined for the trash can.


But after running the original through my post processing software DxO Optics I managed to recover the shadows into a usable image. Sure, it doesn't look natural and has that typical HDR look to it but otherwise all good. I gotta say that DxO Optics is fantastic - I run all my images through it to correct lense distortion, noise and horizon (I have a tendency to tilt my head to the right) and DxO does it all through presets and it is heaps easier than Photoshop or Lightroom.

Anyway, back to Great Uncle George. The canyon starts with this great abseil beside a waterfall into a very picturesque pool. It was only when we alpining the rope to head downstream that we noticed the set of stairs on the left of the pool.

Great Uncle George has lots of nice sections of canyon with open creek walking in between. There are also a couple of optional abseils that we decided to downclimb.

One of the nice bits of the canyon. This shot was hand held with a shutter speed of 0.8 seconds. It is simply amazing that the built in image stabilization of my Olympus om-d em-5 works that well. In fact I am so impressed with my Olympus that I am now going to sell all of my expensive Nikon camera gear.

The final abseil of the canyon.

Even though this is a wet canyon the swims are small enough that you don't need a wetsuit. This swim was probably the longest in canyon - all 10m of it, most of the rest of the canyon is wading. Mind you it was a 35 degree day.

Perhaps not deserving a superb rating it was nevertheless a fine canyon.


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