Bells LIne

Trip reports of Canyons South of the Bells Line of Road which also covers Claustral Canyon and other canyons near the Carmarthen Labyrinth.

Saturday, 17 January 2015
Adrian, Ben, Bill, Mark, Matt, Scott

This has been on my hit list for years, so it was great to finally do it and discover yet another awesome canyon. It deserves the 9/10 that Tom Brennan gives it.

This season has been rather interesting so far as a number of canyons have been off the beaten track and so I was hoping for yet another - but alas it's pretty much a highway to the start of the canyon - no danger of getting lost on this one.

Sunday, 30 November 2014
Adrian, Ciara, Eddie, Matt, Mitchel, Murray

Today signalled the start of a week of daily thunderstorms. We were going to do Upper Bowens Creek South but with a forecast of storms and 15mm of rain from 10:30am Matt suggested we tackle Dalpura Canyon instead as this would give us time to get out before the storms hit.